John Vaughan 范德騰




在擔任演奏家部分,他經常舉辦講座音樂會,有時是以獨奏者身分呈現,有時則是以室內樂方式與其他音樂家或聲樂家一起演出。最近,他以獨奏家身分呈現的講座音樂會包括: 「晴時多雲偶陣雨~大自然的鋼琴音樂」和「范德騰彈說美國」;與NSO弦樂家們合作的包括:「貝多芬的室內樂三兄弟」、「約翰們走路–范德騰與老布去散步」、「拉、啦、LA‧拉威爾」;與長笛家安德石的「范德騰與安德石的音樂”混”講堂」;與敲擊樂手霍力的「當鋼琴遇上洗衣板」。他也與國家音樂廳交響樂團一同合作,擔任「畫黑豆豆的人」英文以及中文的說書人。



Dr. John Vaughan is an American pianist who lives in Taipei, Taiwan.  A full-time professor of piano at Soochow University, he is also a performer, lecturer, writer and music presenter whose activities span the divide between academia and popular entertainment. At Soochow University, where Dr. Vaughan has been professor of piano for over 20 years, he teaches courses in piano performance and piano literature.

As a lecturer, he presents weekly seminars on piano music to piano teachers and students who follow along with the score while he performs and examines works from both performance and pedagogical perspectives. Since 2008, he has given over 350 of these lectures.

As a performer, he presents lecture-concerts as soloist or with instrumentalists and singers. His recent solo concerts include Cloudy with a Chance of Bass Clefs and A Musical Journey with JV Tours. His lecture concerts with other performers include Beethoven’s Three Amigos, as well as Two Johnnies Walking and Unraveling Ravel with string players from the NSO, also A Pair of New Shoes with flautist Anders Norell, and Unlikely Friends with percussionist Tim Hogan. He has also appeared as Narrator in both English and Chinese performing The Composer is Dead and This is 20th Century Music with the Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra.

Dr. Vaughan is also the co-star of Just Play It, a theater production that combines music of various styles with comedy, theater and storytelling.  To date, it has received more than 150 performances in over 40 different cities.

Off the stage, he writes a monthly column for the Performance Arts Review published by the Taipei National Concert Hall.