Juggling Video

This is an excerpt from my lecture on Bach Keyboard Music at 台北市立教育大學.

In this interpretation of Bach’s Fugue in B-flat from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Bk. 1, I take a break from the piano and play only with my balls ;-)
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Lecture Video

Here is a new video made from still shots of recent lectures. I gave a folder full of photos to my daughter and she did the rest. The benefits of fatherhood! [wpvideo Reqy3eq7]

Birthday Songs

10 years ago, I stopped buying presents for my Mom on her birthday.  Instead, I made these audio gifts with my wife and daughters.

Mom’s 63rd – Sitting In A Hot Tub

Mom’s 64th – Back In 1937

Mom’s 65th – My Favorite Things

Mom’s 66th – Sleep With Intro

Mom’s 67th – Bad Baby

Mom’s 68th – Every Time I Look At The Moon

Mom’s 69th – O Lonely Peas 1 – Justine

Mom’s 69th – O Lonely Peas 2 – Julianne

Mom’s 70th – The Spelling Song

Mom’s 71st – Snuggle Grandma

Mom’s 72nd – Rainbow Connection
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Mom’s 73rd – Amazing Grandma’s Grace
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Barrelhouse Fire

From sometime in 2006 until August 2008, 3 friends and I got together one evening per week for some freestyle music making.  Here are some of the songs we recorded down my basement.

Josh Graham: Bass, guitar, vocals
Brent Heinrich: Guitar, bass, willow lute, vocals
Tim Hogan: Percussion, Vocals
John Vaughan: Piano

Old Adam

Composer:  William Bolcom

Railroad Rhythm

Composer: Billy Mayerl

Black is the Black

Composer: Tim Hogan

Just Play It excerpt for Uncle Duane and Aunt Rose

[wpvideo ulsUKPHR]