Piano Music Lectures

In 2008, Dr. John Vaughan began a continuing series of weekly two-hour lectures on piano music at the Steinway Center in Taipei, Taiwan. In these performance lectures, tailored for piano teachers, he performs and examines each phrase of the work while participants follow along on their own scores. With an energetic and humorous lecturing style, Dr. Vaughan explores the work from interesting angles allowing the listener not only to become familiar with the sound of the work, but also to acquire a clear understanding of the works structure, historical context and emotional content. The lectures also take the participants into the world of piano practicing, presenting practical solutions to problems of technique, pedaling and interpretation that can be immediately used in the teaching studio.

"It's wonderful to be constantly learning new repertoire,

especially when you get paid by the note..."

In 2010, he began taking these lectures to locations outside Taipei and currently presents regular lecture series in Taoyuan, Taichung and Kaohsiung. The piano repertoire presented covers the entire history of keyboard music. From baroque dances, inventions and fugues to contemporary works by living composers, Dr Vaughan has presented to date over 400 pieces by more than 50 composers.

If you are interested in learning more about these lectures, please call 0973 865 395