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從2011年的1月起,我接受了國立中正文化中心『表演藝術』雜誌的邀請,為從2月起,每個月的專欄寫文章。 當時,我只知道這是一本和”表演”與”藝術”有關的雜誌,而且雜誌社並沒有規定文章必需要什麼風格、內容要和什麼相關,或是寫作的方向為何。文章唯一的限制只有,字數要在1000到1200個字之間。我該怎麼做… …




In January of 2011, I agreed to write a magazine column for Performance Arts Review (PAR), a monthly periodical published by the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. Although it was understood that the column would have something to do with the performing arts, the content, direction and tone was totally up to me. The only requirement was length. It had to be between 1000 and 1200 Chinese words in length. No more, no less.

To give it a consistent style, I decided that in each column, I would try to make connections between something that happened recently with an event or person from the past. The past could be represented by either something in my own past or in the last few hundred years, connecting with a figure in music history. The general plan was to weave a storyline from these different starting points, and finally putting them together, creating anticipation and, if successful, satisfaction in the reader to see how these very different stories eventually come together.

Regarding tone, my goal is to exude a spirit that is both capricious and sunny, one that may occasionally look deeply at things, but for the most part finds enjoyment out of making interesting connections. At all costs, it should stay out of the realm of dry, serious academia. Happy reading!